Sunday, 30 June 2013

When you generate love you change the frequency, your frequency affects my frequency ………………………………………………..
If more of us were to spend more of our time, consciously changing our frequency to love, we would have more love on our planet, more love, more sharing, more good will……………………………………
If you have never done it before , consciously share love , do it now, just think of someone you know  [probably someone who is not a sex symbol is better], think of them and see if you can direct a little of your love to them….. do it……… there! If you did you just increased the love frequency on this planet. Now , you can turn that love on for a whole hour, you just increased it a lot more. ………………………
The frequency of unconditional love is very high. The frequency of love that is consciously projected is also a high vibration. …Do this now, focus  on someone you don’t like very much , focus your attention and see if you can give out ,[ or even squeeze out ,lol.] a bit of your love out to them……. Did you manage it ? That generates a whole new frequency………………………………………
It’s the same old answer increase the love, increase your capacity to love. ….
A very important point is if you do regularly consciously  exercise unconditional love,  balance is always necessary , especially in exercises, if you do exercise of unconditional love , you should find balance between you and the outside world, your needs need to be met, so it advise to balance with an  objective but compassionate mind. If you cant be bothered to read a book , you could just use some time focusing on the space between your upper lip and your nose, focus your attention there for a while noting the hot air and the cool air changing. This will give you some balance. Do that with a calm mind .  … if you want to learn more google  vipassana.

Planet Aunty and The Peoples Revolution

On planet Aunty, where we once had an elite that controlled the world’s resources and invented and controlled a token system, the citizenry could not gain access to resources unless they gave the tokens, which they had to earn from the elite by giving them their labour. They called this token system money and invented many ways to control and manipulate this system to their advantage. The elite also controlled the media, and hence controlled not only the resources but the ideas and perspective of what was happening in the world. The brain washed citizenry, believed the only way they could live was to exploit each other and rely on an elite. They were enslaved by economics and material insecurity. The only way they believed they could exist on the planet was to obey, and adopt the prevailing ideology. The transition to a money free society and the creation of a global production and distribution network , based on sustainable resources, and that gave all citizens free access to housing , health care, education , communication and transportation, happened very, very quickly almost overnight, and it allowed the people real freedom for the first time in their history. It allowed them freedom from economic slavery and material insecurity, and allowed all members of their race an equal chance to realise their potential, and allowed them all, their inherent right to live freely on the planet. It happened like this, a relatively small hand full of global activists, understood that their citizenry were conditioned to respond to 3 things, power [or the illusion of power], organization and coercion. So with a relatively small number they managed to stop all traffic in major citys across the globe on the same morning. This gave the illusion of power and organization, and they gave the people of Aunty a coercive ultimatum, demand the end of the monetary system and the competing nation state, and demand the immediate creation of a sustainable global network, that allowed all people free access to the mean of living freely on the planet. The people of planet Aunty woke up [though at first there were many disgruntled citizens who were complaining that they were late for their daily slave labour] , the citizens read and understood the ethos and the goal presented to them by the activists, and a snowball of demand hit the world , the elite governments, were disclaimed , a transition method was voted in , and in the space of a few years , the planet became entirely money free, the planet is still developing , but no one starves to death and there is no war , they even have the resources to send an ambassador to the planet earth and tell how to wake up the subjugated and brain washed people, and how to end the tyranny on planet earth. Like and share if you would like this to happen on planet Earth.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

World Wide Strike 2012
The 2012 World Strike to Abolish Money
Economic, Social and if you like, spiritual revolution
To create
A world
Free Access
Simply and peacefully done.

The 2012 World Wide Strike to Abolish Money is a 1 day symbolic strike to promote a money free world of free access, where all citizens are free and have free and equal opportunities to access decision making processes, and free and equal opportunities to access goods and services.
Creating a world of inter active communities where diversity is celebrated, and every individual is valued.
A world where production is for need not for money, education for knowledge not for money, health care for health not for money.
This is a symbolic strike to promote a moneyfree vision
If the majority of our citizens decide to strike then we will be in position to implement a money free world immediately. If this is the case we must agree collectively, that our priority is to provide all citizens, in all the world, with adequate shelter, food and health care.
We can return to work immediately but
All monetary units will be made Illegal
All statutes made null and void
A return to common law
We will return to work not for money but for goodwill, co-operation and the freedom and betterment of all human kind.
We will return to work using the existing systems [while it suits us] but transforming and making those systems free and fair.
We will with all speed and haste implement all labour saving technology, we will no longer be afraid of loosing our jobs.
Wage labour will be a thing of the past
Work will become a joy, a source of social expression and intellectual fulfillment.
We will make it our priority
That all human beings have access to adequate shelter, foods and health care
We will uphold the common law
To be honorable
Not to harm others
Not to steal from others
Not to deceive others

On the return to work
If you do not have work to go to [i.e. you were unemployed or a banker , or you do not wish to return to your work, do not worry . You are now free.
Everything will be free
Every human being on the planet will be free.
Free from the fear of poverty, hunger, lack of shelter and lack of health care.
There will be no sweat shops, no child labour, no drug cartels, no landlords, no fear of government agencies
Travel will be free, shelter will be free, health care will be free, food will be free, every thing will be free
For every human being on the planet
All lawful human beings will be free.
All humans presently held in prisons that have not broken common law will be free.
We will uphold the common law
We will all be free
Strike 2012
We will make common sense and common law prevail
After the strike, if you have no work to go to and you wish to work then offer your services to front line services.
Front line services to include ;
Production and distribution of food stuff.
Providing health and social care.
Upholding the common law.
Builders, poets, mechanics , experimenters, scientists, shop keepers, law enforcers, carers , thinkers, researchers, peace keepers, statisticians, programmers , coordinators, teachers, doctors, nurses, minstrels, artists, farmers, drivers , pilots, all people.
We are all free
All equal under the law.
The revolution is here.
We are the most adaptive species on the planet.
We have all data to make sure we all have what we need.
There is enough more than enough food to feed the world,
Take our technology and use it for the common good