Wednesday, 30 November 2011

World Wide Strike 2012
The 2012 World Strike to Abolish Money
Economic, Social and if you like, spiritual revolution
To create
A world
Free Access
Simply and peacefully done.

The 2012 World Wide Strike to Abolish Money is a 1 day symbolic strike to promote a money free world of free access, where all citizens are free and have free and equal opportunities to access decision making processes, and free and equal opportunities to access goods and services.
Creating a world of inter active communities where diversity is celebrated, and every individual is valued.
A world where production is for need not for money, education for knowledge not for money, health care for health not for money.
This is a symbolic strike to promote a moneyfree vision
If the majority of our citizens decide to strike then we will be in position to implement a money free world immediately. If this is the case we must agree collectively, that our priority is to provide all citizens, in all the world, with adequate shelter, food and health care.
We can return to work immediately but
All monetary units will be made Illegal
All statutes made null and void
A return to common law
We will return to work not for money but for goodwill, co-operation and the freedom and betterment of all human kind.
We will return to work using the existing systems [while it suits us] but transforming and making those systems free and fair.
We will with all speed and haste implement all labour saving technology, we will no longer be afraid of loosing our jobs.
Wage labour will be a thing of the past
Work will become a joy, a source of social expression and intellectual fulfillment.
We will make it our priority
That all human beings have access to adequate shelter, foods and health care
We will uphold the common law
To be honorable
Not to harm others
Not to steal from others
Not to deceive others

On the return to work
If you do not have work to go to [i.e. you were unemployed or a banker , or you do not wish to return to your work, do not worry . You are now free.
Everything will be free
Every human being on the planet will be free.
Free from the fear of poverty, hunger, lack of shelter and lack of health care.
There will be no sweat shops, no child labour, no drug cartels, no landlords, no fear of government agencies
Travel will be free, shelter will be free, health care will be free, food will be free, every thing will be free
For every human being on the planet
All lawful human beings will be free.
All humans presently held in prisons that have not broken common law will be free.
We will uphold the common law
We will all be free
Strike 2012
We will make common sense and common law prevail
After the strike, if you have no work to go to and you wish to work then offer your services to front line services.
Front line services to include ;
Production and distribution of food stuff.
Providing health and social care.
Upholding the common law.
Builders, poets, mechanics , experimenters, scientists, shop keepers, law enforcers, carers , thinkers, researchers, peace keepers, statisticians, programmers , coordinators, teachers, doctors, nurses, minstrels, artists, farmers, drivers , pilots, all people.
We are all free
All equal under the law.
The revolution is here.
We are the most adaptive species on the planet.
We have all data to make sure we all have what we need.
There is enough more than enough food to feed the world,
Take our technology and use it for the common good


  1. GRÈVE Mondiale 2012

    Si vous acceptez que l'abolition de l'argent serait une bonne solution pour la plupart de nos problèmes, et que nous pourrions créer un système bien meilleur où tout - la nourriture et les boissons, les vêtements et le logement, eau, chauffage, éducation, soins de santé et de divertissement - doit être gratuit pour tout le monde - pourquoi ne pas participer à la grève mondiale sur la journée d'ouverture des Jeux olympiques en 2012 ?

    La grève commencera dès que la flamme olympique sera allumée - le signal à cesser le travail pour tous ceux qui soutiennent l'abolition de l'argent, exigeant un nouveau monde équitable une vraie liberté et démocratie.

    Nous voulons un monde sans argent

  2. what about the army and the capitalist ownership of the world. These need addressing before we can get socialism.

  3. I really like your Idea and I want it to be implemented. But first we need a one voice of recruiting people like videos, on youtube or any other sites that has a video and have a social power to connect people around the GLOBE,we need to create something that can touch their HEART regardless of their faith, religion, race, bloodline, status, etc.... In order for them to be with us or to be with us for these Greater Battle. To Change the world and to make it better for future civilization.

  4. In my opinion, a money free world should be the goal of environmentalists and luddites. Because of money, technology has and continues to take away work that some people regard as more purposeful, such as farmwork and craftwork, and it has caused the degradation of the environment and wasting of resources .If we should succeed in attaining a money free world, people should not have to implement labor saving devices.On the contrary, people who enjoy hard, physical work would oppose implementing technology for the purpose of labor saving efficiency.

  5. But at the same time, how can.the industrial revolution be undone? I'm not saying that everyone who is for a money free world is against. industrialization, but I am and there there are plenty of other radical environmentalists and buddies out there as well. who would like to see a money free world as well, for the sake of the environment and those farmers throughout the world who still have their jobs. Still I find hard to believe that governments will accept a revolution both against money and industry.

    1. Sorry about the spelling. I meant "luddites" not "buddies" and "I find it hard" not "I find hard".

  6. not a trick, but would anyone be supportive of the following statement: "• We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions. "